Private Consultations

Clients can contact me for private consultations, either directly or via GP referral.

Remote consultations are available through either Skype, Facetime or phone call.

Supervision Services

At this stage, I only offer professional clinical supervision services to psychologists in private practice seeking to register or already registered as an ISSC Named Provider under my ISSC Supplier contract or seeking to work as a Provider under my Physical Injury Psychological Services Vendor contract.

Assessment Services

Based on many years of experience of conducting comprehensive assessments, I can offer psychological assessments which cover current functioning, personailty, DSM V diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Unfortunately, I do not conduct assessments or provide reports for legal or family court purposes. As an approved Supplier and Provider of ACC Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims clients my Named Providers and myself can provide supported assesssments required by ACC to determine mental injuries during the ACC sensitive claim process.